Kenneth Pils
b. 1964, Jönköping, Sweden

Kenneth Pils is a painter and sculptor. He also devotes part of his artistry to digital image editing and writing computor scripts. He makes his diverse skills usable in his art which on the surface looks traditional but in fact is realized in a non-traditional way.

Most of the paintings are based on randomly found images from movies, the Internet and other sources. He uses scrips by which he can make decitions on what, where and how elements in the painting should be realized. The method of using non-biographical material and random processes enables him to invent new image-worlds which are totally new to himself. In theese images time, place and meaning are detached from their original context. It's this freedom from generic interpretation and intentionality and at the same time a strong sence of non-literal meaning which is the aim of his works..

Kenneth Pils is educated at National College of Art in Stockholm and the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm, he now lives and works in Stockholm and has made numerous exhibitions in Sweden and Europe and several public art works in Sweden
He is one of the co-founders of the interdisciplinary and international art-as-research project "Being in the world" (http://beingintheworld.net).