One small work (drawing or painting) every day with the format 15x10cm.

Every day I sit for a while drawing on a paper without knowing in beforehand what to draw. Whatever comes forward as a glimpse in the mind or as marks on the paper, which trigger further actions during the practice, is accepted. No conscious effort to restrict the flow is attempted. Often I sit and wait for that something to appear in mind. In other occasions i just start with some lines or blobs to start up a process. It’s a play for half an hour. The result is not a very typical way I do things, not very consistent - but still “something”.

Every day is a fresh start. While working I avoid routine and repetitiousness and focus more on things that springs out from the process.
The goal is to make visible the daily flux of thoughts, ideas and emotions that occur whlle making marks on a paper. The collection of works become an index of actions over a longer span of time. All together they make a bigger gestalt that tells something more than the single works. I want to understand more about why and how something emerge when not anticipating anything and to know more about how hidden knowledge can come to the front when being in this open practice.

  • Silence
  • 2016-08-23
  • Day 113 (Södergårdsskolan)
  • Day 293 (Armchair)
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  • 2014-08-06 (More Than Words)
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  • 2015-01-20
  • Reception of Perception
  • 2015-04-10
  • 2015-10-25
  • 2015-01-21
  • 2016-08-13
  • 2016-12-17
  • Here To Commuticate
  • 2017-04-22
  • 2017-04-09